Bright moments of our life 🍭

Never would think that preparation for a friends wedding would make me SO excited!!!! Ideas are fighting for a place in my mind, part of a present is getting ready. It just can not go wrong! It is beautiful!!! I wish this feeling to each of you at least once in a life time 💙



The bucket list

What if someone would tell you exact date of your death? 96% of people don’t want to know it, another 6% might not clearly understand if they really do.
But what if.. The whole life probably runs in the memory disc. Have I really lived as I wanted? Have I found a joy in my life? Hm, that’s pretty funny how little the small things are appreciated.
When for the last time have you laugh till tears or helped a stranger?

Make a bucket list. And start with simple things. Like watching a movie “The bucket list”.

More and more often I can hear word

More and more often I can hear word Problem.

It is so sharp, I almost can feel it’s presence.

Even if it doesn’t belong to me.

It brings dark shadows and makes happiness to wanish.

The power of this invisible ‘thing’ is so great that it reproduces with a speed of light. Suddenly it’s broken in hundreds of small pieces and appears on every step of our lives. Problem. I hate this word.

It brings a big piece of negative feelings. And we are stuck.

A friend of mine once said that for him problems do not exist. How comes? Simply because every single so called ‘problem’ he transforms into a ‘Challenge’! So smart! Challenge brings positive emotions. Challenge is driving us towards succeeding our goals and overcoming difficulties.
Therefore – there shouldn’t be any problems in our lives, only challenges!

While haunting my dreams away

How often in our lives we feel like we’re doing something that doesn’t fit us, our dreams, expectations? I’ve got this sensation more and more frequently.

This morning I just got up with a willingness to quit, to leave the corporate system behind. And the famous enemy of human appeared at that very moment. The problem of people is that we think too much when we shouldn’t, we hunt away our DREAMS! Instead of making them reality.

There are always two possible outcomes of every action – success or failure. But to know which one will be ours, we must cross the line of fear.